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DIY Ground Plane omni directional RX antenna

One of the largest problems I have had with FPV is finding a good omni directional receiver solution. Dipoles work ok, but almost half of the radiation pattern is into the ground and there is a huge hole above it. One solution to this is the ground plane antenna.

The ground plane antenna has multiple grounded elements that effectively drive the propagation pattern back upward. This actually increases the effective gain of the antenna. Range will increase slightly, but the real advantage is signal strength improvement at altitude.

While I find it more useful on the RX side (preferring the Vee on the TX), some may find this an excellent antenna for ground vehicles. Thomas Scherrer flies this antenna on his FPV plane mounted upside down. This is a great solution so long as you don’t need to bank hard.

The construction is similar to a Dipole. It has a single wave driven element and a counterpoise. However the counterpoise is very different this time. It can have anywhere from 3 to 8 wave elements. For this tutorial, I will use 4. Thomas Scherrer’s has 3. For this, I am using 14AWG wire to make an antenna for 910 MHz. You can use just about any gauge wire you like. I prefer 12 and 14 AWG because it is stiff.

With that, I will begin the tutorial.

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