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Thanks guys!

The camera is held in place by the edges of the camera ball turret grabbing the top and bottom, then as you push the camera inside, there is an internal plate set at an angle that wedges the camera in place... (Trust me! After crashing the OV-10 and demolishing the booms, motor mount and cowl, I was SHOCKED to see the cameras still in place besides the EyePod mounts still rubber banded on the wing tips! I was not expecting that at all! I was going into a spiraling dive trying to get as many revolutions before pulling out (Always love close-to-the-ground flying and it makes for some great video!), well, I never pulled up! (embarrassing but true)... I was hoping for one more revolution as well as the plane to pull out and away from me... by the time I pulled back on the stick, I was barely 45 degrees away from straight down.

Dampening is "helped" (certainly not eliminated), by and internal foam cradle and a foam rubber backing plate where the elastic pull cord mounts... (Hopefully, this will make more sense as I begin the build thread here...) If additional dampening is wanted, it would be so easy to glue on foam rubber pads onto the base and have this provide additional dampening...)

Hope this helps? for now?

Back to work here... pouring molds at the moment and editing the build threads (They've been photo-documented, but I still have a lot of writing and photo-editing to do... If you're familiar with my build threads, I don't leave much to the imagination with enough photographs to almost make a "flip-book" movie! lol!)

Thanks for visiting and posting!
I'll be back soon...
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