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Well, after my model went in in Speed, I was maybe a bit distraught. I've NEVER flown better than I flew in 93. The model that went in in Speed was my backup, and was toast. The primary model was the one I midaired the day before, and was pretty trashed too, but the team had stayed up all night fixing it. I wasn't going to bother... why would i need it? Duh!!! So I did do a little stress relief towing... ummmm... I mean model testing ... you could build sooooooo much tension circle towing. Joe and I used to tandem tow quite a bit, and it was so cool.. it was so elegant, we were quite in tune... almost like a side by side ballet.

After the comp, they did ask Nic and I to do a tandem tow, and we did, but my model was set up a bit aggressive for the lighter winds on that day, and it didn't come off as well as it could have. But it was fun.

On a side note, I believe my losing in Israel was a blessing in disguise. You have to learn how to lose, before you learn what it takes to win. I've never flown again as well as I flew in Israel... but I have flown smarter since...
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