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As regards the circle towing techique, If I remember correctly Daryl and Nic put on a syncronised circle tow demonstratio much to the crowds amusement.

Hi John,

You may remember me as a crew member with the US Team back in '93. The Circle tow was a big deal back then (thanks to Nic). The demo you mention was actually put on by Daryl and Joe Wurts. Daryl had just repaired the F3B Eagle that he landed safely with only half a wing (remember THAT?!) after a mid-air with--I think--one of the Dutch pillots. I recall he was really upset at that time because only an hour or so prior, he had just (essentially) lost the WC in which he was dominating the competition because the crystal dislodged from the receiver during the "bucket" part of his launch causing his only remaining airplane to do outside loops until it died quite a distance downwind. This was back in the days when you had to throw out a whole round--not your three lowest tasks. The circle tow "demo" was largely Daryl taking out his aggression on a freshly repaired model and not really caring if it 'blew up' since in his mind, the contest was over for him anyway.

This was just my perspective as his friend and teammate but it made for one heck of a circle towing demo! He and Joe use to do the 'tandem tow' at the SULA field where we practiced quite a bit and it was really cool to watch two models on tow like well-controlled stunt kites that made a neat noise when they ran downhill. Ah, the memories...
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