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Where do you live? Chances are somebody on the slope forum will know a flyable location close to you.

Here's what you want:

Wind: Hopefully straight into the hill. Above 10 mph
Hill: The taller and steeper the better. Hopefully you have a large enough area to launch and land, and some grass on the ground to cushion things.
Weather: Low pressure days seem to work better than high pressure days.

Technique: When you're slermalling, look for the plane to suddenly turn on it's own- that was a thermal you just flew through. If the right wing went up- turn quickly back to the right and circle there, but drift back toward the hill, as the thermal is doing the same thing.

Wind shift- be aware that a sudden decrease in wind might be a good sign. That usually means a thermal is just out front, and is pulling the air up into it- hence the sudden change in wind. Conversely- a sudden cold increase in wind means the thermal has passed behind you. If you're searching for a thermal time to look further out.

Features: Thermals behave like a drop of water on your ceiling, only upside down...they stick to a feature like a ridge, and follow that feature until they pop loose and ascend. Once you get to know where the terrain feature that promotes that is, you can keep going back to that "resident thermal" ride it up and then search.
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