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Originally Posted by crazyracer View Post
Is it a MUST to use a launching device for this sailplane? I am about this l..l close to buying a folding prop for it from Master Airscrew and powering it. I rather not though since having a glider is so cool....

If you are new to soaring you will find it difficult at best to get significant flights from a hand launch on flat ground with any 2 meter plane. Even the finer soaring pilots find that a challenge. For thermal flights you will need to probably get yourself a hi-start or motorize your GL. A basic hi-start for a light weight 2 meter plane will run you 50 - 60 bucks. A motor, BEC, and battery will run you about the same or a little more depending on where you get them from.

I have been launching my 2 meter Riser from a Dynaflight hi-start for 3 seasons now. There are better units available but this will haul a GL into the air with no problems. As to the slope soaring I would think that the GL would fly from most any reasonable slope in winds from 5 - 15 mph. Now let me state for the record that I have only flown slope twice so you will probably get better slope advice from other posters.

That is a very nice looking GL. Good job on the build.

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