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Once again, I ran the bike between the RCGT race heats... This time with some 1/8 nitro cars practising...

KP09e rc bike at FRT track (1 min 0 sec)

the bike ran as always stock, with LRP X12 13.5T motor, "Worlds" gearing and nothing else changed.
since it was quite cold, I "tweaked" the Xerun 60A speedo to more aggressive settings and the bike was noticeably faster! It would even pop a short wheelie here and there, but not something extreme and crash-inducing! Phew!

I also had the TT FM1e with me, ran it for a couple of minutes... This one has GRP soft tires, a Futaba 148 servo, SP LPF1.1 ESC, Nosram 13.5T (X11 equivalent) and shortish gearing, since no big pinion could be contained within the TT's motor spacer...

Everyone was impressed by the bike, of course, as always, but mostly they were impressed by Graham Clarke's tyre warmers, which operated lovely, plugged to my Much More Touring car tyre warmer controller! And they did make a difference with that used PMT200 treaded rear tire!
Oh, the blue Lambo is my RCGT car, which thankfully only required a new battery every now and then, so I could tinker with the bike all the time!

The races held on the day were RCGT (17.5T touring cars) and nitro 1/10s, with heats running alternately. In the times between, I ran the bikes and a couple of guys were running two 1/8 nitro cars. A good day, indeed!
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