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Latley I've been practicing actually flying inverted. I'll take it up 50 or so feet then nose it down till it goes inverted. I've got to the point where I can actually turn it and keep it inverted. It's very unstable though and my record is like 30 seconds before I have to flip it back over. I've also enjoyed takeing it up at dusk 150-200 feet and letting it just kinda ride the wind around my neighborhood. Although today I had it over the neighbors house and trees when the motor slid back out of the gearbox causeing the pinion and gear to loose it's mesh. Good thing this has a nice glide ratio! Second time I've had something happen to me while way up. First was a while ago when the motor mount poped off and cut the prop cut the motor wires in half.... That one was a little harder to glide back in seeing as how there was no motor weight up front anymore. And it was even lighter and got carried away by the wind easily.

Ah and I can't forgot to mention taking it up that high at night. Very fun and amusing to the neighbors!
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