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Hitec RCD AFHSS Telemetry - Instruction Sheets & Pictorial User Guides

Originally Posted by Devil_Inside View Post
I am an idiot. Just found another cable in the it makes sense. You really should put a wiring diagram in that manual. Thanks for all your help Mike!!!
Copy my earlier post another forum, with an enhanced wiring diagram.
. Instruction sheet enclosed with complete system together with latest
2.4Gz Telemetry Product Installation Guide are attached hereto.

1. Ensure :
a) Aurora has Software V 1.07 or greater. In need update the Aurora software using the HPP-22.
Firmware Update V1.07(2) 30Nov10 fixed a couple bugs including incorrect speed and altitude readings in the imperial setting.
b) Spectra 2.4 module has Software V 2.00 or greater.
c) Optima RX has Software V 2.00 or greater.
In need update one or all using an HPP-22.
d) Opening HPP-22 program on Vista and later PC usually requires right click and Run as Administrator.
A dialog box may appear asking if you would like to let this program make changes to your computer; click on yes,

2. Power HTS-SS Fuel Sensor Station & HTS-SS Blue Electric Sensor Station with the
male/male connector from an open channel to the connector on the top, pictures 7 & 8. ("Y" with servo in need)

3. HTS-SS Data Cable & HPP-22 Cable Are Wired Differently - Refer Attached Pictures of Optima 7ch & 9ch..
a) First two pictures show cable from HPP-22 is wired (S)-(P)-(N).
b) Third picture "HTS-SS cable to Data Port" shows Cable from HTS-SS has Positive & Signal leads
transposed between HTS-SS plug & Data Input on Optima as (P)-(S)-(N).

4.HTS-MRPM Magnetic RPM Sensor: Each magnet has a X mark to identify polarity.
Make sure the X mark faces out, otherwise the sensor cannot detect the magnet.
Ensure distance between magnet and the sensor is less than 1 mm for best performance.
Three magnets supplied, but Use only one magnet on each application.
Acro - Sensor has been positioned to read a factory installed ignition magnet, at least one report using an OS GT55.
Heli - "if you have an iPhone, there is an app called copter calc, that does the tail rpm as well
as motor/main ratios etc. So put the mag on the motor, and the calculator will tell you the rest"
. Photos of HTS-MRPM & Hitec HTS-TEMP - Magnetic RPM sensor & Temperature Sensor mounted on a large scale model
. Photos of another HTS_MRPM Magnetic sensor installation

5.HTS-ORPM Optical RPM Sensor - Designed for use with helicopters, this sensor provides RPM
information using an optical sensor, but can be used with Acro.
Refer HTS-SS manual (colour pictorial .pdf) attached below.

6. HTS-FUEL Fuel Level Sensor: Is for Glow Fuel only.
"The problem with gas is that its' density is much lower than glow fuel, or water for that matter, even with oil mixed;
thus the sensors cannot detect it. I'm not sure if we will be able to overcome this with the existing sensors.Mike."
Sensor - reason for not detecting petrol or kerosene levels
Dielectric Constant of some common Liquids
Methanol (Methyl Alcohol) (31.1 ) (33.1 at 68 F)
Petroleum 2.0-2.2
Kerosene (70 F) 1.8

7. Extension Leads.
Optical Sensor, with DIY extension, attached Heli tail pictures x 3
. At the present time, there are no extension leads for the telemetry units.
...."The stock length of the RPM leads are supposed to be longer on the next batch
but extensions are needed in many cases although this should help.
Temp leads can become inaccurate (I've been told) if they get much longer but I don't know to what extent.
There is an extension offered here that would work with the RPM sensors for now.- Mike"...
. Horizon often block direct link, search Horizon for SPMA2001 = 6" & SPMA9551= 12" Ultra Micro Extensions.
. SPMA2001 - pictured Spektrum site
Maximum separation between sensor & HTS-SS reported is 24"<30"

8. HTS-SS Advance
pictures attached together with those for those also to be released same time:
HTS-VM (Variometer Sensor)
HTS-SM (Servo Manager)
HTS-ETemp (Engine Temp Sensor)
HTS-AS (Air Speed)
HTS-SS Advance measures aprox L40 x W28 x H8 mm

9. HTS-SS BLUE Sensor Station for Electric Power Models - Instruction Manual.
(Right click and "save as" to download .PDF direct ex Dropbox. 7.95mb exceeds max size permitted to attach this post)
. HTS-C50 50-Amp Current Sensor
. HTS-C200 200-Amp Current Sensor
a) To ensure correct reading, check A9 telemetry screen shows correct unit and refer page 7 of
HTS-SS Blue manual, attached, "Warning and Current Sensor Setup".
b) Amps drawn are not currently recorded. - further information.

10. HTS-Navi Wireless USB to PC/LaptopHow to install, update and Manual.

11. HTS-Voice Telemetry Voice Announcing System - pictures and details

12. HTS-Volt instructions - note warning inserted attached jpg.

13. HTS-Iview I-Phone App information & Download page.
. (Hitec’s 2.4GHz telemetry on your iPod touch / iPhone and iPad)
. Telemetry - Bluetooth & Android App.
. Android Readout & Voice Video Demo .. (Aftermarket, not made nor tested by Hitec)

25Nov10: New Telemetry User Guide (a pictorial manual - in colour) now available online.
Hitec Telemetric AFHSS System new homepage.

20Dec10: Move between screens during flight - How to.
"Right now it's on the touch screen for the EZ view screens for the telemetry, and the
timer is not in the loop. I'm trying to see if we can get it tied to the momentary switch and
also make it so you can select which menus to view so you could quickly toggle between what
you want to see. For now this is how it will be released and then we can look to tweak it later. - Mike. "

25Dec10: Airspeed & Stall warning.
"True airspeed will require a pitot tube which we do plan to have in the future.
Not sure about a stall warning, but I wouldn't rule it out.- Mike"

21Nov11: Updated Instructions:
HPP-22 / HTS-SS (BLUE) - Software Update Instructions Ver 1.11 - copy attached below.

Hitec Telemetric AFHSS System - Enhancements Under Development.

more information under Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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