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Oct 29 2010
Maiden flight.
Just before noon, with landing gear off. Walked down to a taller grass part of the field, turned on the transmitter, connected the battery. I looked at the elevator and decided it would be best to give it some up control surface throw, 25% of low rate maximum throw. Applied full throttle and gave it a good but controlled throw like a dart. Took off fast, with a left-hand twist and yaw. This would have caused trouble for someone who didn't expect it. I knew I didn't induce any roll in my launch and after gaining altitude it was confirmed my tail was molded a few degrees warped. Corrected with the stick, gained elevation and trimmed it out, needed 30% elevator (which is actually 2mm from the moving surface's leading edge), 10% right aileron. Flew great, a few close flybys and cut throttle back to 75%, then 50%, switched to high rates and did some rolls and a few 100% throttle passes. Roll rate was about 4rolls/second on high rates. When back and forth across the 60 cleared acres and varied altitude, has no problem climbing. Lined it up for a landing in the grass, decided I was too fast and re-lined it up and just then the LVC killed the motor so I glided it in, and plopped it in the tall grass through a gentle controlled stall 2' above the grass. I could not ask for a better first flight on a strange plane, the stall speed is incredibly slow and gentle. I returned back to the house at 12:05.
Surfaces measured from elevator after being trimmed:

Low Rates:
Aileron expo 50% (safe for a first flight) throw limit 35% (5mm)
Elevator expo 40% (perfect) throw limit 45% (8mm up, 6mm down)

High Rates:
Aileron expo 90%, throw limit 100% (still easy to control) 13mm
Elevator expo 90%, throw limit 100% (still easy to control) 13mm up, 12mm down

Flight duration 7-8 minutes.
resting voltage 9.7V, 759mAh used
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