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New Product
Graupner's new HOTT 2.4GHz system.

HoTT is the synthesis of know-how, engineering, and worldwide tests by professional pilots. A previously unheard of energy system has enabled us to develop a 2.4-GHz system that points the way toward the future of RC model building.

HoTT Hopping Telemetry Transmission is reliability, with up to 75 channels in the 2.4-GHz band.

HoTT achieves maximum reliability with the legally prescribed transmission power of 100 mW and new, intelligent correction software.

HoTT uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. (FHSS)

HoTT offers integrated telemetry in real time. (expandable)

HoTT is fully programmable with the help of the Smartbox.

HoTT is modular and thus can also be retrofitted.

System Features:

Simple, extremely fast binding
Range test and warning function
Low-voltage warning
Extremely broad receiver operating voltage range from 3.6 V to 8.4 V
(functional to 2.5V)
Failsafe, free channel allocation (channel mapping); mixer functions and all servo settings can be programmed simply with the HoTT-Smartbox
Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (maximum of 32 channels)
Up to 4 servos can be controlled simultaneously as a block with a signal repetition time of 10 ms (only digital servos!)
Maximum immunity to interference through optimized frequency hopping and broad channel spread
Intelligent Data transmission with correction function
Extremely fast rebinding, even at maximum distance
Telemetry analysis in real time
Over 200 systems can be used simultaneously
Future-proof through update capability via USB interface

After the desastrous try to sell us the iFS (XPS) system that noone wants here, Graupner can only win with this system, as they have nothing to lose.
This system just has to be good, as they had plenty of time to learn what users really want, how well-implemented telemetry should work, where the snares of 2.4GHz lie, and plenty of systems to learn from. If they do not succeed with their HOTT system, the whole company will fail.
They are under pressure like noone else to deliver a flawless, feature-rich system.
I wish them success.
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