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Originally Posted by robusp View Post
I've been using spoilerons more than flaperons.
I don't have to force the nose down to land it just looses lift.
One time I had them on for take off by mistake. I realized that and switched them off when plane was still on the ground after rolling for 20 feet at full speed.
This morning I had a little mishap. When taxiing away from me and going down wind sudden gust picked up the tail and the plane did a cartwheel.
Only damage is crack in fuse right by the tail which I already fixed it.
This is not the first time wind did it to me, but usually it just flips the plane and there is no damage.
Hi Rob, here are some rules for tail-draggers I just learned in preparing for my private pilot exam. I think they might help out when it's windy.
Tailwind: Elevator full down
Headwind: Elevator full up
(Just think about keeping the the tail wheel planted firmly on the ground)
Quartering tailwind:Elevator full down; Upwind aileron full down
Quartering headwind: Elevator full up; Upwind aileron full up
(The goal here is to keep the upwind aileron from catching the wind and (again) keep the tail on the ground)
Have fun!
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