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Originally Posted by DaxFX View Post
Nice! !!. what prop you use? like 12x4.3sf? this plane is heavy and looks like those GWS wont handle good? need something solid.
I was using the APC 12X6 electric prop, it held up just fine, and is a near perfect color match to the stock spinner, looks more original than the original prop. It almost doubles the static thrust, but keeps the speed slower and works well as a brake, lower the throttle even during a dive, and the plane slows quickly, only real problem is that it practically scrapes the ground on a stock landing gear setup, and mows the grass where i fly, even with 2.5" wheels. I tried a spare 3 blade BF-109 prop, and love it, it has almost as much thrust as the 12X6APC, but is 1.5" smaller, so ground clearance isn't an issue, the fat blades and 7.5 pitch give it plenty of low end grunt, with a top end close to the stock prop. It weighs a bit more than the 2 blade props, and seems a bit more stable hovering and in post stall manuvers. I added a 2" Dubro white spinner, and it looks more scale than the stock prop.

I went into a bit more detail on the numbers in the other thread here

Originally Posted by FireyFate View Post
You can do Spoilerons and/or Flaperons with the AR500 included with the BNF version, as long as you have a DX7 or better. Been flying mine that way for quite a while.
I'm flying off a DX6i, so mixing on the gear channel seemed either impossible, or very difficult. I had the AR6200 handy from an EDF I was repairing. The plane is not a floater, and I fly from a big schoolyard, so I don't really need any help shortening landings, and with the power the plane has takeoffs are simple and only takes about 20' of "runway", raise the throttle 3/4, keep it straight with the rudder, then pull up when the tailwheel lifts, pitch it straight up, go full throttle, and hang on, turn, spin, or stall it before it dissapears into the sky. For short landings, I line it up at about 6' elevation and just a hair bit of throttle as it comes onto the field, then keep pulling up as I raise the throttle to keep the nose up, and land either 3 point, or tailwheel first, lowering the throttle, holding full up elevator, and the tail stays planted. Only takes about 50' approach and 10 feet to stop, with the bigger wheels, CG at 3" back, and landing gear raked forward a bit it really helps keep it from nosing over, as does a quick burst of 1/4-1/2 throttle and full up elevator as the gear touches down. This isn't neccesary on pavement, and would likely lift the plane back off, but the grass slows the wheels quickly, and the burst of throttle pushes the tail down as the mains start to settle and roll. On pavement you can practically line it up, cut the throttle, and dead stick a nice 2 point landing.
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