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Originally Posted by alucard0822 View Post
I tried a couple flap/spoiler mixes with mine using an AR6200, they do slow it down a bit, but being the plane has single large ailerons, with much deflection it will tip stall too easily, spoilerons mixed with elevator help a bit at slower speeds, but for the most part not enough to justify the cost of a 6 channel reciever. Splitting the ailerons, adding a second set of servos, and running a full 4 aileron mix with crow might help, but it would take quite a bit of expense and work to accomplish. With all the throw the plane can have you can slow it down pretty quick with snaps or pulling the nose up in knife edges or harriers. A bigger slower prop makes a very effective airbrake though, and allows MUCH better control of speed with a ton more pullout. Harriers and hovers are near impossible with the stock prop as it doesn't give much pullout, and being a steep high speed prop there is a lot of torque to deal with, as you can see in the video there is a lot of wing rock once you get close to stall speed, I put an aileron gyro in mine, and it calms the wing rock quite a bit, makes harriers and hovers much more stable. While the plane can fly slow, your fingers will be very buisy, and it takes a bit of practice to fly slow and low, mostly by using the ample thrust to replace lift, it's not really a floater, but there is plenty of power to pull out or up, gain speed, and get out of trouble.
Nice! !!. what prop you use? like 12x4.3sf? this plane is heavy and looks like those GWS wont handle good? need something solid.
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