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Originally Posted by galaxiex View Post
Looks great Alex.

How would this perform just placed flat on the ground? (with the active element "up" of course)

I know.... experiment.... but do you think it would significantly alter gain or skew the pattern as compared to say... pole mount 5ft high.

Another question if I may.

What would be a good antenna design to start experimenting with for mounting on a vehicle roof? (think Dodge mini van)

Plan to build a "Flight Station" inside my van during the winter.

All external roof mounted gear (ant's and Rx) will be removable magnet mount, so no concern about wind loads.

Placing it flat on the ground facing up would actually increase the gain and help performance, not hinder it

For the van project it depends on what equipment you have. My fast patch works great if you power the RX with the power from the car battery and let the back panel rest on the roof of the car. That will actually work as an artificial ground plane and result in a wide coverage antenna with a decent near field pattern.

I would not recommend a Yagi or a Moxon rectangle. The biquad would be my choice if you have an antenna tracker. Again, place it with the reflector touching the roof of the van and power it from the van's battery.

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