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Yet Another Charger Question -- Features

Currently I have a Passport AC/DC LiPo 6S charger and it works pretty well though it's missing some features that I'd like to have in a charger.

I currently use 3 different capacity batteries, a 1300 MaH, 1800 MaH and 2200 MaH. The first two I charge at 1C and the 2200 I charge at 2C. While this works it seems to take forever (okay at least an hour) to charge the batteries. Its there a battery charger available that has the following features:

1 - AC and DC connectivity. I'm fortunate that our flying field has AC power but realize not all do so being able to hook up to a car battery in addition to AC power is required.

2 - Can safely charge my batteries at higher than 1C or 2C rate. For example something that has 1.3 and 1.8 rates or 1, 1.5, 2, etc rates.

3 - A percentage meter or some sort of display to let me know that a battery is x% charged. As it is now I plug the battery in, turn it on and then wait for the beep. Having some sort of visual representation to give me an idea how much longer would be nice.

I would imagine a charger with these features would cost more than the $65 I paid for mine so would I be better off to just go buy more batteries instead of a more advanced charger? What other features does one need in a charger, besides balancing? I know that's important.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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