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Hi Laine, glad you are heading home for a break, just wanted to thank you for the cool blog, I stumbled on it one day while looking for something else and was still reading your old stuff 45 minutes later. Nice that you have RC to help keep you sane and stave off missing home a little. I have a friend on his fourth tour over there with the RCD (Royal Canadian Dragoons) who drives one of our LAV 3's. His pictures look a lot like yours, dry dusty and brown. I'm usually an RC boat guy but have just bought a HZ Super Cub LP and am looking forward to learning to fly. Word is you need lots of packing tape and CA glue to stay airborn for the first while. Please keep on blogging, I always read your stuff and enjoy seeing you guys at work. I have had a couple of good long flights in our Griffon (Huey) while on training exercises with open doors at night in the side seats and man was that a blast, noisy as hell but what a ride! Hooked on helos ever since... One day if you're ever bored search "Canadian Rangers 4CRPG" to find out about my unit.
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