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Once an article is up live we authors have no access to make edits or corrections directly. I have submitted a request for corrections to our editor for my two mistakes. Neither mistake deals directly with the 120 SR but I deeply regret those mistakes. The only Blade I don't have and have never flown is the Blade 400 3D and I intended to check on how its tail rotor is powered before I submitted this review and I simply forgot to do so. The 400's tail rotor is indeed powered from the main motor by a belt drive. On my other mistake concerning the flybar I have no excuse. I had all three helicopters out and had just flown them. In flying them indoors in calm conditions I noted how similar the mSR and the 120 SR handled and noted the 45 degree flybar on both of them. As stated above that helps with their stability and as a very small offset requires a little adjustment of slightly increased throttle to maintain altitude in fast forward flight over a helicopter with a flybar set at 90 degrees. Most new pilots won't even notice this minor difference but experienced RC helicopter pilots do. I didn't intend to include the SR but I certainly did and in multiple proof readings failed to catch my mistake. I have read through the article several times today and found no other errors in what I intended to say. My sincere thanks to Minirips 2 for catching my mistakes. It is never my intent to misrepresent. Michael Heer
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