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What an excellent build. I like your idea of the doublers down the fuz. and you paint job just makes it all blend in.

I also double up on mine but it don't look as cool as yours. Well done.

The CG is spot on at 12cm and mine comes in at around 20oz AUW.
I used the Lil' Screamers Super Park Jet whith a 7x5 prop as I thougth it would be more powerful than the 2212/6 which I have on all my other builds.

I modofied the belly to fit the 7x5 in. I'm happy with my build and
I fly it regularly but it is a little underpowered compared to the other jets.

With the 6mm Deron which I used there seemed to be a lot of flex from front to back from the very rear end to the wing break so I made some "Missile rails" to counter the flex.

If you like the Typhoon You'll love the SU37 and the F22 by Tom.

Regards. Noel
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