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Nice work Wayne.

Quick question - Have you had the opportunity to corroborate the readings from your meter with any of the commonly used hobby grade chargers that incorporate IR measurement features? (FMA CP10, PL8, iChargers, etc.) And with greatly varying cell capacities? Also wondering how the results compare with a lab grade kelvin meter...

I (among others) have long complained that C ratings are basically useless since there is no test standard. Sadly, C ratings have proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool however as most modelers are not aware that they are very arbitrary. As such, I have been using cell IR as my primary performance indicator for the last few years as it's much simpler than firing up my CBA.

I would be much happier if lipoly manufacturers would print measured cell IR on their packs rather than arbitrary C ratings. This will obviously never happen though as it would likely expose the largest lipoly vendors in a less than favorable light.

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