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I'm certainly interested in whatever information you can derive with your FDR approach. I've been wondering if there's a way to install the pitot tubes & all of the electronics on the fuselage (or on a slight 'appendage' to the fuselage), rather than having to build them into the structure of each test wing? The readings would at least be comparable as far as airspeed, no matter what wing you were testing, and it might leave the wing building simplified to that extent. Maybe there are issues which I'm not aware of, so I thought I'd ask the question.

I also think you're right about wanting a higher top speed... there may be data variances between the different wing configurations which will be more apparent at higher air speeds. I expect that there will also be subjective handling / responsiveness evaluations which you'll be able to make while flying each of the variations which may correlate with the current consumption / drag affect data that's recorded.

We know all of this simply takes time to get set up. And then, of course, you're looking for some good flying conditions to do the test flying & data gathering. So we'll be grateful for whatever you can end up with from this process.

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