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Originally Posted by freechip View Post
Programming - no comment since I have no clue of the A9 entire programming
Telemetry - if you are comparing price maybe but they both have it, out of the box I am using RX voltage, flight pack, temp and FLIGHT LOG what else do you want?
Cost - You need to compare from same vendor and HH has them price the same
Build Quality - Do not know how both of them are made
Upgradeability - They are both upgradeable, the DX8 does not need any other cables to upgrade
RF-Link toughness - Never had any issues with all my radio so can't comment

Etc, Etc.... Other then the touch screen thats the only thing its got over DX8 atleast for me and at the end of the day thats what counts. You would not buy a car if it was ugly just because it had a feature more then the other you like. Thats a good enough reason, I would say that if you have a large amount of money invested with the A9 but are ready to drop it at the first sign of an issue then you are not using the right brand. I am going to stick with what I luv and know works for me.
Here's an example of the ease of the programming on the Aurora:

Hitec Aurora 9 new model set up (2 min 49 sec)

Telemetry: You say they both come with it which is true but what about additional models. The telemetry capability of the DX8 is with an "add on" module, it is not built it the RX. While additional "add on" telemetry is available with the Aurora, the most important feature, voltage, is built in. This allows you to also monitor the high and low voltage seen throughout the flight, and if utilizing the SPC function which powers the RX independently of the servos to prevent any possibility of a brownout, you can monitor the voltage of the main flight battery in an electric model (Up to 8S) and then set a custom low voltage warning to tell you when you need to land. Again, all built in! For this functionality in multiple models you will need to purchase the TM1000 (300-400 foot range) for $45 or TM1000 for $57 ($7 more than an Optima 6!) in addition to your RX just to get the voltage telemetry; but to be fair they do give you one temp with it and the option to add RPM for about $25 more. That's the limit other than the flight log which Hitec does not need.

What more do you need??!?!? How about more temp sensors; one is enough? It's better than none, but what if you want to know the temp of your motor and battery and speed control? Hitec's sensor station offers 4 temp. How about head speed and tail rotor speed or if you have a twin engine plane? Hitec offers 2 RPM sensors in either magnetic or Optical. What about altitude and speed? Hitec offers a GPS that will give you real time readings on this as well as location, and if by chance your model goes down in a corn field (oh it happens!) the location is stored on the radio even if the model loses power so you know where to find it. If you have a smart phone you can go to google Earth and see exactly where it is.

Speaking of Google Earth, the Aurora also has the ability to log the flight using the HPP-22 or soon to be released HTS-Navi (see sneak peak pic) which will receiver the telemetry data wirelessly to a PC and give's you the ability to play the flight back and see the flightpath of the model in 3D as well as all the other telemetry data at any point durring the flight. Then there is liquid fuel sensor as well. Price? $69.99 for the basic pack which includes the sensor station, 2 temps and either the optical or magnetic RPM sensor. The full pack which includes 4 temps, 2 RPM (optical & Magnetic,) Fuel, and GPS is $225 but I've seen some dealers discount this significantly. We'll also be debuting the new Sensor Station "Blue" for electrics that will have Voltage (unlimited) and Amperage (50A or 200A) which will replace one of the RPM's and the Fuel of the original, so it will still have 4 temps, one RPM and GPS as well.

Hmmm.... that sounds like more you might want!!! What about if your radio could talk to you and tell you your telemetry data while you fly? Wait... I've said to much already!

Look for the official announcement for these and many more new items at the IHobby show in Chicago this weekend.

Andy Kunz- Even though we're competitors I really respect your efforts at all hours on these forums. You are to be commended, keep up the good work!! Maybe you could go down to the marketing offices and tell them they need someone to come on here to tell us why the DX8 is a better buy than the Aurora for the same price. I'm always up for a good debate!

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