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My molds have way over 100 stampings on them, some werent mixed properly and have gone brown, but the mold it still perfectly fine and continue to produce.

Richard, there are alot of different epoxy's out there, most need a post cure in the oven, others get hot during curing, and some shrink. jb weld doesnt need a post cure, it doesnt get hot while curing and has zero shrinkage...

Maybe someone can try some diffrent epoxy's and report the results... for the time being im happy with the jb weld... dont want to mess with what

I should mention jb weld isnt cheap, so would be nice to find an alternative.

One thing i noticed is if you play with the mixing ratios you can get longer lasting molds, originally recomended to mix it 50/50... i found a 60/40 mix better, 40% hardner, 60% epoxy steel.
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