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The gear themselves seem to be very strong; it's just the mounting method that leaves something to be desired. I thought about the TV being a problem since it's not activated, and I think I'll add just a touch of up-thrust and see if that helps my takeoff problems in addition to the larger wheels. The jet is nice and flies very well, but I agree that the QC should be a bit better for a $400 airplane. So far I haven't encountered anything that can't be easily overcome. And think about it this way... what highy-prefabricated airplane so far hasn't needed a few tweaks by us, the consumers? This is what makes these forums so fantastic... sharing tips, tricks, heartaches, and successes, to make this hobby as enjoyable as it can be.


- As far as I could tell, yes, the elevators were set to the AoA of the main wing. I was off, obviously, since I was only able to eyeball it. So much for the TLAR method.

- The CG is just a shade nose-heavy from what the factory recommends. That might be a contributing factor but it's really just a touch on the nose-heavy side. The plane certainly doesn't fly like a nose-heavy aircraft.

- I thought about weighing it, but forgot my scale. It's surprisingly light; I swear the B-25 is heavier.

- The elevators are set up as stabiliators, pitch only.

- I set them as recommended in the manual, 1/2" low rates and 3/4" high rates. Those were not enough of course so I increased them. I will have to measure and get back to you.

- Another good question, I'll have to measure and get back to you. It's quite a lot, I think.

- The nose gear is a bit lower than the rest which gives the plane a slight nose-down attitude on the ground. This is something I was hoping to alleviate with larger wheels up front.
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