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Aerohawk going strong and learning quickly!

Well, so far so good with the Aerohawk. I have about 20 flights on it so far and it's flying very nicely. I'm still flying in the hangar, as we've had some high winds here. The hangar floor is slick concrete and very forgiving, if I screw up, it just slides around, nothing to catch on. I ditched the training gear after about 5 flights and it flies so much nicer without it. No major crashes yet, but did break a tail rotor blade, slid over a drain grate and the tail rotor hit. I've been doing figure 8's and some back and forth stuff doing a quick stop on each end, and a pedal turn to go back. This sure is fun, I see why you all are so freakin addicted!! My home made head stiffner seems to be working nicely, forward flight seems very controllable, but my distance and speeds are limited by the size of the hangar. Although I've had it ripping along because I lost it, and pull the throttle, yank it back and she settles right back into a hover, so controllability seems good. Both motors seem to be holding up well, hovers at about half throttle with a fresh pack to start with. I'm considering adding a direct drive tail rotor, the stock setup seems adequate, but as would be expected, left pedal turns are somewhat slow and take a lot of stick. How is the current draw with the direct setup vs. the stock setup. I'm going to stay with the 2 batteries I have, and bought 2 more for 10 bucks each and an inexpensive quick charger, so I don't want to add a bunch more current draw.
Thanks to all who have posted here, I have learned so much here, would have been frustrating without such a good knowledge base we have here.
More to come I hope!
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