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I took three bikes this afternoon to my local huge parking lot...

The slower first: Kyosho HOR with Kyosho "soft" tires, GPM forks and swingarm and Kyosho oil-filled shock, Tamiya 1/24 Tamtech motor with 14t pinion, Futaba MC receiver/ESC with a Futaba miniservo. YR 1800mah/20C lipo.
It was VERY slow, but also so easy and predictable, you could drive it like a buggy! Turn and it turns, turn the other way and the other way it went! Well, it was a bit slow steering, but it was nice to see Mr. Doohan try his best, leaning out of the bike!!!

Next up, the Venom GPV1; this one with a Losi Mini-t brushed kit motor, Nosram mini dominator (with reverse! funny!) and a Turnigy 1300mah/20C (borrowed from said Mini-t!). Otherwise stock. Kit front tire, medium rear, soft settings on chassis and suspension and that's it.
It was a lot faster, no wheelies of course, but still it could spin its rear tire almost at will. Slow to respond steering at higher than walking speeds, but it was also predictable and more 1/5-bike-like. I liked it! A lot. I should tighten the steering springs a smidge... They are just loose now...

KP09: Of course, the fastest by a big margin! 6.5T sensored Trinity motor geared at 56/20 (30/11 chain), no front brake yet, Turnigy 3000/40C and HW 60A esc with 528 mod turbo-program at default settings. This one would do so many wheelies, it was getting tiring! However, with careful fingers on the throttle, it would get up to a phenomenal speed! Unfortunately at its 3rd battery, I managed to break a steering stem bearing and it started wobbling very badly...
I tried to shoot some onboard video with the HC smallish camera ($18!), after strapping it where the back seat of the bikes would be, with tapes, but its not worth showing... it's very wobbly and makes you feel dizzy... next time, then!
Back to the KP, this thing is so much wheelie prone with this motor that I think a 8.5T or 10.5T would suit it a bit more... And to think it still carries 60gr. of ballast down low, on the upper side of the battery tray!!!! (Leftovers from the Worlds!).

The speed was phenomenal, however!!!!
And... addictive! I loved it!!!!
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