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Thanks! It works.... but I have some questions.

Primary RPM: I cannot seem to come up with settings that do not double my RPM numbers. I have checked primary(motor) RPM with a V2 E-logger and optical pick-up which confirms my mag-RPM is doubled. I am choosing 2 magnets, which is what I have (I've double checked polarity), and leaving all the multiplication factors at 1... the pick-up is on the flywheel. I've tried a bunch of different combinations (from the one described above) with no luck.

Secondary RPM: seems OK, I have not double checked with the optical sensor, but it's close... I will check it though. 2 magnets on the wheel hub.

When I save a recorded session and recall it the secondary expander EGT ("EGT D") does not give any values. If I reload the file from the recorder I get the data back, but re-saving it removes the data again.

I have a thermocouple question as well but I'll save that for later.

I also found that I cannot have two versions of the recorder software loaded on the same computer. I wanted to log data from an electric model that uses the legacy software (a V2 E-logger), but when I installed it my Gas car software was uninstalled. I tried installing in different folders, which partially worked but the initial default model would always be the one from the 1st installed software.... not well explained, I know, but I'll try to clear things up with answers to any questions you pose.

The tractor showed promise but it looks like I warped some valves on the first run, one cyl maxed the EGT as soon as I hit the throttle.... Name: JFM at the Worlds.jpg
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