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Telemetry - Battery Supply & Voltage via SPC for EP Models - includes HTS-SS Blue

Originally Posted by bkent100 View Post
All, I'm sure this is buried somewhere in here but I'm an intermediate flyer who doesn't have a ton of electrical experience. Just ordered the hitec aurora with the optimata 7 receiver. I have electric airplanes and only want to see the true battery voltage, not the regulated voltage coming out of the esc. I have ultra deans connectors on all my equipment. In detail if possible, how do I tap off of (what type adapter) the lipo battery or esc deans connector? I know the other end just needs a jr servo lead to plug into the spc port? Should the adapter fit into the esc ultra deans connector, the battery side connector and should they be parallel or in series? Are there any instructions on how to do this? Thanks, BK
Optima Transceiver (RX) - SPC - SPC connection & Lead Detailed plus Optima Current Draw/Amps
- NB: View warning Video re use of balance taps.
. Optima Transceiver - EP Models - Use the SPC Port for best power supply (to receiver only, not servo bus)
and battery monitoring, do not rely on any ESC/BEC via servo (bus) port
. Electronic Speed Control - Why BEC and LVC cause most EP RX problems"
. Brownout and Voltage Drops

RX Voltage on Screen - SPC voltage has preference over BEC voltage.
Join SPC Port input lead to the ESC's battery input plugs.,
Never connect to Balance Taps which quickly break at their fragile battery terminals,
as per schematic and quick connect transferable adapter attached below with more descriptions and photos:
. Telemetry - Battery Voltage via SPC for EP Models #1 - Good Instructions and Photos.
. Telemetry - Battery Voltage via SPC for EP Models #2 - more photos.

. Low Battery Warnings - Minimum Settings
( Recommended individual settings for both the Aurora TX & Spectra 2.4GHz module)

HTS-SS Blue -attached picture and detail

Hitec HTS-SS BLUE Sensor Station & HTS-Volt
- Manual and pictorial "How To" Connect to Battery Lead."
- see attached .pdf of previous Q&A Posts "HTS-Volt_Earth for GP & Opto BEC"

Full pack: Sensor station, 4 temps, 2 RPM, GPS, voltage, 50A & 200A amp rings will be $235.
The basic pack with SS, 2 temps, voltage and either the 50A or 200A rings will be $75/$80.
"E" sensor station alone will be $37. - Mike"

To View/Amend Volt & Current Sensor Screens pictured below:
a) Aurora "On air" and Transceiver powered on, Touch Receiver Voltage Battery Icon.
b) Aurora "off air", touch Icon [System] > [Sensor] > [Battery] >
1 of 3 = Receiver = Current Voltage 0.0v Max 0.0v Min 0.0v
Warning (Low) : Off
2 of 3 = Volts Sensor = Current Voltage Max 0.0v & Min 0.0v
Warning (On/lOff)
3 of 3 = Current: 0.0A / C50 [ or set to C200] MAX A
Wattage: OH MAX OH
Warning: (Hi) On/Off [RST]

HTS-SS Advance .
pictures attached together with those for those also to be released same time:
HTS-VM (Variometer Sensor)
HTS-SM (Servo Manager)
HTS-ETemp (Engine Temp Sensor)
HTS-AS (Air Speed)
HTS-SS Advance measures aprox L40 x W28 x H8 mm

more under:
Aurora A9, Spectra Pro & Optima - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan Tong
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

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Button bottom right of IE screen (or _+icons Firefox Toolbar) enables viewing size increase upto 400% for easier reading.]
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