Thread: Help! LIPO's really BLOW UP
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Old Dec 20, 2003, 02:58 PM
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greebe, i would be interested to know how you think i "screwed up bigtime". what did i do to cause that fire? the cause of the fire is still unknown, so i don't know where you get off for blaming me for it. i was not charging them unattended, and i had a fire extinguisher handy. yes, i shouldn't have charged them in the heli, but that was not the cause of the fire. the heli ended up taking very little real damage in the end anyway. it was just a messy clean up job, and the only major loss was the battery itself.

i'm getting really sick of all you high and mighty types that think you'd never be stupid enough to have a LiPo fire. before my fire, there had only been a couple other fires, and they happened under completely different circumstances. the community is learning from the experiences of those of us who have chosen to take risks and pioneer the use of LiPos in this hobby. you should be supportive, not condescending. some people on this board are so eager to make other people feel stupid when they make mistakes. it's like you get off on it. it's attitudes like yours, greebe, that really make rcgroups an unpleasant place to discuss this hobby sometimes.
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