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Originally Posted by hoppy View Post
It's tough to get it all at the same time - price- service- warranty-
"There are no free lunches" as the saying goes.

I had a similar experience with HK with a Rx......sent it in and nothing happened but one day here it comes in the mail. If a person wants a lot of feedback, it takes people to do that, people cost money, more people = higher product cost.

You just got to go with what makes you happy.

I agree with your basic argument Hoppy, but the differential is too great.
Many suppliers are charging 2 - 3 times the price of HK packs which means they are charging "what they can get away with" rather than a "cost + fair profit allowing for some warranty"
At the other extreme HK sell bargain packs but there is little doubt that their returns and warranty service is apalling.

I bought 2 x2S4500 and 2 x 6S4500 LiFePO4 packs off them to power my wife's electric buggy as an 8S2P4500 composite pack. On arrival, 3 out of 4 were faulty and returned.
It has taken 16 weeks for them to properly admit liability (I followed their procedure to the letter) and I now have a "shop credit" for $118 (They refuse refund and will not accept the other unused 6S pack back as I have had it longer than 7 days!! - as Basil Fawlty would say "Oh its MY fault is it")).
So I have spent $308 on the 4 packs packs and returning them and have just one 6S pack with no possible use for it, $118 dollars credit in a shop I don't want to use and a net loss of $190!
It is not possible to have any dialogue with them at all; they just ignore questions and make statements, then rub salt in by telling me to "have a nice day"!

Looking at the customer ratings for the LiFeP04 packs (which were not there when I ordered) it is fairly obvious that the product is a disaster. All the Turnigy lipos I have bought have been fine with outstandingly low ESR values. So when they produce a lemon it would be much better to admit it. certainly it would do a lot less damage.

So the option looks like pay through the nose or just take a risk.

It may be that the US operation will take on board the general criticism, particularly as they are now within striking distance of customers!

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