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new Alula!

WooHoo... Did the maiden flight on my Alula today!

AUW 157grams - 5.55oz
How does that compare to what other people are getting?

Pico servos, 6100 spekrum RX, 4cell 300mah nimh (way forward)

It only required about 4grams of lead in the nose to balance on the dimples. I added some light carbon to either side of the nose, and sanded the hinges to make them deflect easier. I set up a 1% throttle to elevator mix like I did on my old seeker, and in my opinion it's easier and more fun to fly like that. I fiddled a little with aileron differential, but ended up not using it. I may move my CG back just a bit and see if I like it better, but I'm exceedingly happy with how it flies. My shoulder is going to hate me tomorrow, but I had a blast. I'm catching about 90% of the time... that's my favorite part. I'm horrible at finding thermals, but I'll keep at it. I'm really looking forward to some light sloping!

Question... for those of us that are used to launching thumb down, and fingers on top is there a good reason to relearn the other throwing grip? (thumb on top)

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