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Why the dirt on the wings?
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Originally Posted by Arcteryxxx View Post
1. Actually I'm building a custom cover made from a white plastic bottle for my new one.

2. Another thing: I did shave the wingtips like Chipped Prop suggested. Since this is my first fully glassed Stryker I don't have a good reference, but this thing glides just as well as my MPX Blizzard! I put it in a vertical and at about 250 meters I shut down the motor, causing it to flip over. Then dove about 100 meter vertically and flattened it out and did two full 200m diameter circles before having to throttle up again at an altitude of about 20m This was with a 4S4000 where CG is dead on the dimples and the total weight is about 1,7kg.
1. Can you do a detailed pic array so we can see your creative genius at work ??

2. Did you cut exactely 45 deg or did you do the old LAR (looks About Right) method ?
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