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Originally Posted by moparmyway View Post
Did you end up close to those settings ?

How do you like the hinge up front on the covers ?

Instead of cutting an air inlet for the ESC, would you consider just cutting off the rear cover so that the back 33% of the ESC shows......... you would be getting more air through the battery area AND getting more air to your ESC as well.
Pretty close to your settings. I have 50% throw and no expo on low rate which I use most of the time and 80% throw and 50% expo on high rate for insane rolls.
I will follow your suggestions by cutting the rear part of the cover on the 22-model. And I love the hinge arrangement! I used hot glue to fix the cover parts together and than ran two strips of Dave Brown CF tape glassed to the underside of the lid. Actually I'm building a custom cover made from a white plastic bottle for my new one.

Another thing: I did shave the wingtips like Chipped Prop suggested. Since this is my first fully glassed Stryker I don't have a good reference, but this thing glides just as well as my MPX Blizzard! I put it in a vertical and at about 250 meters I shut down the motor, causing it to flip over. Then dove about 100 meter vertically and flattened it out and did two full 200m diameter circles before having to throttle up again at an altitude of about 20m This was with a 4S4000 where CG is dead on the dimples and the total weight is about 1,7kg. It even makes the hotliner whhooooooooossssshh sound when it passes in good speed power off. The ability to use this as a sort of hotliner is really what impresses me the most!
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