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Hitec Aurora 9 Switch and/or Display Problem.

Originally Posted by Xnaron View Post
Turned off the Aurora 9 today and turned it back on but it wouldn't turn on.
Turned it off and then on and still wouldn't power on.
Tried again and it came on. I know this has been reported by others. First time on this radio for me.
My previous A9 did it first thing when I got it home from the store (returned that one).
When turning an Aurora off, it auto saves that sessions information and settings which takes
a variable time to flash to memory.
(This even though the LED may no longer be lit).
If turned on again to quickly, before it has had time to sort and save all the programming and settings
of the previous session, similar to all flash drives and PC, it could cause a problem.
In need, wait awhile and try again or same as happens with a PC, disconnect power,
wait a moment and then restart and check settings from previous session are correct.
16 Nov 2011 - Video submitted by a user shows what happens to screen when switch is activated
to quickly, as aforesaid, last year. Aurora 9 Blank LCD Screen issue

1. 04Jan2011:
Aurora 9 - Screen Protector & Intermittent Screen or Icon Problems
- Remove Protector or Not & alternate replacements & DIY Fixes.

2. 04Sept2012:
"Screen Lights Up but No Display
"James- It's an anomaly that happens on occasion when the CPU doesn't boot but the screen is powered.
Turn it off and on again and 99.9% of the time it boots up fine.
I've never seen this turn off in flight or cause an issue.
The most important factor is that the RX be up to date with the latest V2.02 firmware.
If the radio was purchased recently and has firmware V1.08(1) in the transmitter then most likely it is.
I would suggest he call us so we can troubleshoot further. - Mike."

3. 28 December 2012:
. Screen fade - Flying VPV
"Just a follow up on this for the information of others.
The screen/radio on my A9 work perfectly and do not have an issue unless I get close to my 900 Mhz 600 mw video Tx for my FPV system.
I'm sure most all FPV guys know this already"

see also:
. Aurora 9 - Screen Polarised Filter. View at angle when using Polaroid type sunglasses in bright sunlight .
. Aurora 9 - Screen Sensitivity & Recalibration - Pressure switches, not capacitive,
. use either Stylus provided or very tip of finger for best results.
. Aurora 9 - Screen Touchlock - Included upgrade from V1.05 to V1.06
. Aurora 9 - Cleaning Inside Screen Screen does not react or reacts by itself? DIY clean inside screen Voids Warranty.

In need, contact direct:
Hitec Warranty & Service
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada.
"Hitec USA customer service department is available Monday through Friday*
from 7am- 4:30 pm Pacific time. Reach us at 858.748.8440 or
• If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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