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Originally Posted by arbilab View Post
Whom are these "they" to whom you refer? Or just trying to sound superior to "they" by not being one? Like I'm trying to sound superior by using the correct leading objective in an interrogative?

Did I say there was anything wrong with Spongebob? Other than it bumps Fairly Odd Parents from Nickelodeon's schedule. I've been watching Y7 for 9x7 years. I've got an autographed Butch Hartman poster. I don't *think* I have a problem with Y7.

It's just a fact. The site is calibrated to Y7.

The 'they' I'm referring to are any number of users who have started threads on RC Groups with the express intent of bemoaning the family friendly rules of RCG.

The 'they" I'm referring to can be found in Site Suggestions and Complaints (after being rewarded with a point for offensive language) yelling to the world that what everybody needs to do is get a little thicker skin.

The 'they' I'm referring to are the ones who will use every trick in the book to circumvent the swear word filter by coming up with all manners of coded words to escape detection.

The 'they' I'm referring to are the ones who cite chapter and verse from the Constitution in some patriotic homage to Free Speech, yet are quite surprised to find that Free Speech doesn't apply to the InterNet, their workplace, or to most other venues in their lives.

I can go on and on about the 'they' I am referring to; but for the life of me, can't find the connection between the 'they''s and your thoughts that somehow I was/am referring to you specifically.

Sorry if you thought I was referring to you.
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