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Well, OK, if you want another FlutterBy story...........try this one, it's True.

Tonight I took the FlutterBy out to a local park - I'd flown there many times before, but not recently - and was having a terrific time in almost perfect conditions. My wife and Grandson (18 months - also named "Jack"!) were with me and all was right with the world. Grandson even had his own transmitter and was "learning" how to fly the FlutterBy (see worries, his transmitter is inoperable.....but you should see him on the Flight Simulator!)

In any event, we were all alone having a great time when a whole lot of people started showing up........all boys about 11 years old. With our eyes on the sky, we weren't too quick to pick up on the fact that a PeeWee Football team was gathering for practice. At any rate, it was soon clear that we had chosen "their spot" as a place to fly and that they were going to practice right there regardless of what I was already doing.

Well, I didn't want to get into anything that would ruin the good vibe of the evening, so I just walked away - while flying - to a less dense area. Having left their craziness behind me, so to speak, I set about regaining the peacefulness that I'd been enjoying before their arrival.

So, you might understand that I was just a bit curious when one of the coaches walked on over to me and said he wanted to ask me a question. And I was kind of pissed when he asked his question, "Would I please quit flying the plane"? And then - just before I started in on an explanation of the fact that the park was big enough for everyone - I got the payoff...............Coach said he "couldn't get any of the kids to listen or pay attention during the drills as they were all watching the FlutterBy"

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