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Don Harban
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Re: First hand experience at motoring back at a motor back on event

I've flown 'em both. And they are just different. For a hard nosed,
let's-emulate-what-we-do-now event, the hard cut-off is good. But I
use the restartable one for sport flying and practice. I get a
uniform launch altitude and can fly over and over. One of the most
interesting applications is flying the Radian with a 50 meter setting
(yes, I have one that will do this) and seeing how many restarts it
takes to fly an hour. Great for learning or playing with low level
lift. A more formal event with a two or three minute penalty for each
restart could be interesting. Even for guys who see no serious
"competition" future here, get some Radians with switches and make up
your own challenges -- you might discover something as interesting as
what we do now with our gliders -- but something that you can do down
the street instead of 20 miles away at the sod farm.

Remember, we do what we do now with our TD planes not only out of
experience and wisdom but also as a consequence of the limitations
that our planes, launch equipment and logistics impose on us. This is
a new ball game -- one with a reasonable bridge to the TD flying that
we do -- but still, a new ball game.

On Oct 5, 1:58 pm, wrote:

> The recent Radian Pro team event held at the Masters was all in fun, so  
> there was some fun being had.
> Teams of 4, each guy got a 30second motor run controlled by the CD  
> announcement.
> 20++ winds and cold, the planes are pretty great sailplanes and definitely  
> over horse powered out of the box.
> The final flight was a hoot...because we all said what the heck we can just
>  motor back.. and took our models Supra distance downwind.  When we got
> near  the ground on the way back, we stopped the clocks and motored
> was  supposed to be a 30 second penalty but seriously it took a lot longer
> to make it  back to the field in that wind.  Stopping the clock was the
> 'right' thing  to do, we decided as a team to do that.
> Here's my point....there was a very limited window between one flight  
> ending and the next starting....if your model wasn't on the field, you missed  
> the flight window only one group made the mistake of taking a  
> chance on landing off field...and had to run to make the launch start.
> The teams reminded pilots not to get too far off field.  During the  last
> flight, there was no time window to meet for another flight.  
> Restartable is a slippery slope of accusations, and  cheating....NOT
> cheating during a contest, but during practices  ...the pilot cheating himself
> during practices.  If you have a restartable,  don't restart it....ever. Land
> and relight, take your lumps learn your plane...  become a better pilot.  
> Take the bitter pill, its good for you  :-).
> Okay so the next thing we'll see posted is ways to protect against cheaters
>  who might turn the motor one during a flight.....guys its a hobby.  People
>  that cheat don't why worry?
> Gordy

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