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[BOLD]I would like to be able to perform solid, skilled aerobatics, and that includes a Torque Roll, 4 & 8 points, Barrel Rols, and Cuban Eights in a straight line.[/BOLD]
[BOLD]Only rule there is that the motor should not cost more than the plane as I see it. [/BOLD]
i know this is going to get me in trouble but....

line 1 and line 2 are basically a contradiction. also you have it the wrong way around. remember the motor moves from plane to plane - its the longer term investment.

if you want a plane to perform a Torque Roll you have to have more thrust than weight. although its possible to do this without a brushless the 90 seconds of motor run time is likely to get old in very short order. imho you should actaully start out the other way around, pick a motor and then pick an airframe to go with it. planes are much cheaper than motors as a rule so it will cost less to buy a new plane than a new motor if it doesnt fly to your expectations.

dont be afraid to lay out the bucks for a brushless, im very glad i did now. would have saved a bunch of pissing around trying to get brushed to perform like you need. right now i have a crazy sparrow that you can read about in the foamies section. beware the foamies, when you get to this level of performance (read weight) they get, shall we say, fragile.

hope that helps.
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