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The larger question is: What is your definition of "aerobatic"? Next question, "What level are your flying skills?"

I have flown many model 'planes, and like the higher-powered (Watts per pound or kilo) models. I have an X-250, and changed out the motor for a cobalt 480...thereby doubling the power, or more. It was Really tame...for me. Have you seen one fly?

If you want Fast aerobatics, then as RonJ noted, there is the Electrostreak - but I would not build one of them, but instead the similar model which (Bob Sliff?) designed and Aveox boxed up and sells. Less mods to do to put 10 cells into; modern airfoil; and other "newer" twinks.

The Crazy Sparrow is a Park Flyer. Do you want that kind of "light wind only" flying, and a foam model than you may not be able to rebuild when minor tweaks occur?

The Hobby Lobby FireCat - Not even in the same county, when considering the Crazy Sparrow or the X-250. Look here for a video clip:

The FireCat may be beyond your flying skills, with the recommended control settings. Your call. Although it is an ARF, it is wood with iron-on covering, so it is repairable.

Your bucks, your choice! Enjoy.

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