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I would say that one should read my post on both and decide for themself.

One should also consider that I now have 134 cycles on the Gens Ace and it is still doing great while I have had the Turnigy only a very short time and have only 29 cycles only. Perhaps one should also search for other post by others on these.

Perhaps another point to conside is that Ace cells are almost perfectly matched even when discharged 95% and remain so after 100 cycles while Turnigy was mis matched from the very beginning. Others will likely point out that a sample of one means very little. This is some what true but then when most purchase a single Lipoly they expect it to be a s good as others of the same type. Few are willing to except the fact that they may have to deal with getting a occasional lower quality one.

Added: I just ran across this post which just happens to show I am not the only one to get a nano with a non balanced / matched cell.

Perhaps not a big deal and it may be fine after a balanced charge however my qusetion is how does a cell get that much lower than the rest if it is indeed checked at the factory, they have a very high turn over rate (claimed over 30,000 per day) and was not damaged during pack assembly?
FYI My nano cells were perfectly balanced when received. Only monitored discharges showed the cell capacity mis match.

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