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Ok here are some pics of the upper left wing half molded from depron...

The process is as follows:

Hot wire cut some 030-040 sheets from 3mm depron, i use foam plates... and use the side that has a noticeably thicker and harder skin.

Cut to size of the mold, preheat the molds to 115c.

Lay material on the female mold and insert male plug, immediately put it into the press, and slightly press down, since i dont have any registration pins on the molds, i have to align them by hand using clamps, i use a modified clamp that pushes the top male mold to the left (where the wing root is) once all the way to the left press down hard, use two separate clamps on R/L of the press plates to make sure there is adequate pressure on the mold ends.

Let it cool down for about 20 min, and remove from press, remove top male plug and remove the part. in areas in will already have started smoothing out, trim around the part leaving about 3-4mm of material left (this helps the press)

Reheat the molds to 110c this time, reinsert the part and put the male back in, repeat the step with the clamps, and let cool for 20min,

Remove form press, remove part and inspect... if everything is good and their are no tears, reheat the mold again to 110c and repeat the above steps, let it cool down.

Pop out the part, it should be perfect and smooth as glass, very light, yet flexible and not brittle .

As mentioned i use a clamp to align the molds, if the molds are properly made this is not necessary, however the two clamps on both sides of the press plates are still needed.

Also i sanded down the male just a bit more to make up for the thicker foam.

My slicer is the SSS slicer design that john255 posted a few moths back, its a great design and a big improvement over my old horizontal sheet slicer, ive been having trouble cutting 025... so i might need thinner wire or a batter power supply. im currently using 12v 1a for a 10 inch long ss wire (dont know the thickness)

Over all im ecstatic with the results, 025 should make for even lighter parts while still being incredibly strong,

Have my work cut out for the next few days.

Im terribly sorry for the quality of some of the pics, as some of you may have noticed me and cameras dont get along

I tried to capture the smooth as glass surface using different angles... so there are 6 pics of basically the same thing.. just at different angles.

I can assure you the parts are super smooth, imo smoother than the original plastic parts.

In my honest opinion, this foam rocks! never thought id find something better than db, not to mention it being noname cheapo foam plates, for 5$ for 50
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