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Welcome geokite. I bought a T-Series from XHeli a while back, it was my first heli and not too bad for the price. It's a little too large for living room flying, so I only fly it outdoors on VERY calm days. There are some forum reviews here and here you should read before making any decisions.

The truth is that coaxial helis just don't handle wind very well, and FP (fixed pitch) is only a little better. Many CP (collective pitch) helis can handle some wind, but there is a very steep learning curve you'll need to struggle with before you are zipping around your backyard with one of those. I've been looking at the Walkera CB180Z as a possible outdoor flyer, Wow Hobbies even has a "Pro Wind-Rider" version, and the standard model has had some good reviews in the forum, though personally I'm going to hold off on getting one for now.

My advice (and I should point out I'm still a newbie) is to enjoy your S107, maybe get a second one, and take your time reading the forum(s) learning as much as you can before you make your next big purchase. You have a lot of options, give it some thought and make an informed decision as to what you really want to do next, how much you want to spend and how much effort you want to put into this hobby. Getting a S107 was a no-brainer, its a great little heli anyone can fly. But stepping up to the next level isn't going to be as simple, especially if you want to fly outdoors during anything other than a dead-calm day. Good luck with your search.

PS. I also have one of those keychain video cams (an 808 #3) but haven't flown it. One problem with using these cams on most low-cost helis is vibration, which really hurts the picture quality. One of the reasons I got the T-Series was to fly the cam, but I've had second thoughts about it. Maybe someday when conditions are just right I'll give it a try.
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