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Well, IF it really HAD been the real Fox 35 stunt engine . .

Originally Posted by iluv2fli View Post
The old Fox 35 was and still is an excellent engine. More than enough power for the CG airplanes. If your engine is stuck, just heat it with a heat gun and it will loosen right up. You don't have to soak it in anything. The big problem with older engines is they didn't come with a muffler and no way to mount one.
The case on the old Fox stunt 35 is comparatively thin, and the typical clamp-on mufflers used a narrow band circling the cylinder. It is very easy to put the cylinder in a bind that ends up with an out of round bore.

In their original time frame, I was also doing some fishing, and the Penn Reel copany sold several supplemental reel clamps to improve the mounting of a heavy duty reel to a heavy duty rod. There is one such that is for a reel seat the same general diameter as the Fox 35 case's cylinder.

It's about an inch and a quarter wide, instead of maybe 3/8" of an inch for the stock part that came with a Tatone muffler, and spreads the clamping force across a larger section of the bypass. I bought and used those for the old Fox 35s when noise was a problem. The "spread" between bolt holes is also very close to what Tatone mufflers needed.

These days, we are in a hurry to clean the dried varnish out, and use a crock pot specifically for non-food items, containing a 100% antifreeze solution, and let it simmer overnight in that, somewhere the odor isn't offensive. Be sure not to leave it anywhere after it's turned off that a pet might get into it. Most antifreezes are poisonous (for the same reason, paint a big skull and crossbones on it so it never gets mixed with any normal "for-food" crock pot).

THe Sport 36 replaced the needle bearing 36X engine, but had essentially the same cylinder and piston, and very similar shaft timing. It doesn't run a 4-2-4 style stunt run, but wasn'r a "bad" old engine, just not anything like as desireable as a stunt 35 is.

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