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I flew a SIG Seniorita with a Monster Power 15, and 3S. Driving Miss Daisy, but fun to learn on. Underpowered.

The Monster Power 25 likes at least 4S voltage. Else it doesn't get up into its "aerobic range". With 4S, it will climb a 6 foot electric glider nicely.

The Monster Power 46 with 4S would probably do very nicely on the Seniorita. It is underpowerd for a 48" aeorbatic 5lb plane like the Tango. Ballpark would be:
12x8 prop, 38A continuous, 91oz thrust, 62 mph, 403 watts to the prop, 3 minutes 23 second run time for a 2200mAh battery.

Remember: the Seniorita has full size servos, and they pull the limit that a speed controller can dump to them. You would be wise to get an OPTO speed controller and separate SBEC, and a 1500mAh battery to run the servos and RX that is separate from the motor batteries.
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