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Originally Posted by BEELZEBOB View Post
I would say dont be afraid.

if you have researched your butt of and know everything you think you need to know, ask for help, but take other people's responses with a grain of salt.

they are only, like opinions man. not facts.
Mate, I totally agree with you. The biggest problem with the RC hobby, is the "in crowd" telling you what you can't do. In Australia, it's fat old guys telling you that your first plane should be some $600 balsa thing with a glo engine and a Mode-1 radio.

'Scuse me? Eff off, old timer. My first plane was an Aerobird Xtreme and that thing was a total pig but at least it was only $50 and shrugged off smashing into a tin shed at full tilt. I fly Mode-2 and have been teaching myself aerobatics based solely on Scott Stoops' "Mastering Radio Controlled Flight". It suits me just fine and it's how I like to learn.

My next plane was a Mini Super Cub, then a Radian, then a T-28 Trojan. I can now push the Trojan almost as far as she'll go, but of course she's extremely forgiving so a Sukhoi Su-26xp has joined the family to learn twitchy controls and an airframe with little to no coupling.

I just purchased my first EDF - a Starmax F-16. Arrived today in fact! Being the cautious type, I just spent 90 minutes alone on the retracts, setting the servo throws correctly and adjusting the control rods to ensure that I do not get collapsing landing gear. I plan to spend many hours assembling it and testing the electrics before I ever go for my first flight, including hitting the sim for a few hours to get up to "speed" as it were. All of this is being done with my Spektrum DX6i, a radio which I know can handle the job.

I've also been doing long set-up approaches on my Trojan, aiming to get the softest landing possible, all day every day.

My first flight will be a couple of simple circuits followed by some high altitude stall speed tests to get a feel of how she "falls off the wing" - gracefully or violently - and where that dividing line is. After that, I'll land and take stock, adjust the CG and control surfaces if needed, and repeat the flight.
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