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Originally Posted by sparks59 View Post

I gave it a try with the 70% ether, didn't seem at all interested in any action. I dribbled a little of the easy start into the venturi and had a few 'fires' sufficient to kick the prop around and drive the contra-piston back against the screw, but the fuel clearly wasn't igniting.


I would guess that you do not have your settings (compression and / or needle) correct.

Any engine that has had it's setting "twiddled" since the last good run will be out enough to need some messing about with to get it running again.

Diesel engines are not "precision instruments" in their fuel requirements, (although pretty much every brew of fuel will need a slightly different setting) and neither is the diesel fuel mix a "precision" art. Basically any rough mix of ether/oil/kero in reasonably equal proportions will be fine for any diesel engine unless there are some mechanical issues with it.

As Chas says, straight kero/oil will also do it if it is hot enough. I have even started and briefly run an old diesel engine on a squirt of Q20 (similar to WD40 I believe) - BUT you need to know where the correct running settings are to start off with. If these are out even with the "perfect" brew of fuel you are likely to spend many frustrated hours trying to get a run out of it.
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