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Well, thank you guys so much b/c the cg adjustments and wing fences made all the difference. Went through two packs this morning with the cg back (closer to its original position after my bare airframe glide tests). Also added the wing fences as Prime_8 suggested. The strakes were definitely forcing air outward along the wing -- the fences put a definite stop to this! Followed Mayday27's advise and did an inverted test -- all went well. With the CG back further, the launch was a breeze -- there was no initial dip -- she flew straight off with some torque roll. Inverted was also nice and controlled with just a touch of down elevator to stay level. Rolls are now truly axial. The speed envelope has definitely increased, or rather widened. At slower speeds, she no longer "twitches" -- and the tail does sit a bit. The control surfaces are much more effective at slower speeds now. I can maintain level flight at less than 1/4 throttle. She is even more twitchy at speed now. Also -- I need to find a happy medium for trim b/s if I trim for slow flight, she climbs at high speed, and vice versa. Thanks again guys! It feels like a newer, MUCH lighter plane! Man, I love this hobby - the learning never ends!
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