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Originally Posted by Jvdo View Post
Nice vids! Keep them coming!
Thanks Jvdo. Maybe one day we'll manage to get a totally rocking video like your Extra 300 EXP teaser #1 .

It's been windy quite a bit where nac and I live but I know that some of you are wondering how the MXS compares to the Edge/Extra. I've never flown an Extra but I will be ordering one in the next few days. Here are some flight impressions from perhaps 20 flights on my Edge and 5 flights on MXS, with all but 1 of the MXS flights in the wind.

Both planes are just awesome and are my 2 favourites. I am currently more comfortable with the Edge. Is it extra flight time or a slightly more forgiving airframe? I'm not sure at this stage. Both planes knife edge like a dream. They also knife edge spin like champions. The Edge is the easiest balsa plane I own to do knife edge spins with. Not only does it lock in very easily, but it is so aggressive that I can really back off the throttle and the rotation is still very quick. The MXS is at least as aggressive in knife spins but requires more aileron correction to hold it on its side (like my 3DHS planes). This means the MXS can come out of knife edge spins into a slow inverted spin/harrier simply by centring the ailerons. The Edge has such little roll coupling when doing knife edge spins that I actually need to "fly" it out. Both planes are essentially coupling-free for regular knife edge BTW. I need to investigate knife edge spins more closely as nac said his MXS didn't need as much aileron correction as I feel my MXS needs. WE might have slightly different CoGs at the moment. All of this wind has made getting a precise location a bit tricky, but I feel that we're both very, very close.

The MXS reminds me of my 3DHS Velox is some ways, but the Edge is so aggressive that it can hold its own in tumbles. At the moment I'm finding it easier to get the Edge to tumble hard, whereas with the MXS I haven't got the stick inputs quite right yet. Both EF planes are similarly easy to do rolling harriers with. The MXS seems to require a bit less yaw correction when doing rolling harriers. I feel that the Edge is a tad easier to hover but both are very stable in a hover.

Both planes are just amazing. My MXS flight a few days ago in low wind was just too much fun but since then the wind has been blowing so I haven't been able to feel as connected with the airframe as I did at that time. A case of dumb thumbs yesterday whilst distracted had me break my MXS's CF landing gear but luckily I have a spare Edge kit NIB sitting here so I pinched its gear to fix the MXS so it's ready for some weekend action .
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