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I never use an on/off switch with electric power. Inserting and removing the power battery is my switch.

Sometimes the ESC comes with an on/off switch, but even then I usually just cut it off and solder the two wires together permenently. The reason is that, even if the throttle signal from the receiver to the ESC is cut (which is what that switch does), the ESC still has power from the main battery so, in theory, might be triggered by interference or some other spurious signal to start the motor.

If I'm using a separate receiver battery (which I don't in any of my current models) I would use a regular on/off switch on it, just so that I can power it down while the model is resting with the motor battery disconnected. But, to avoid the ESC being triggered by stray signals, the switch should only be switched off after the motor battery is disconnected, and it should be switched on before the motor battery is reconnected.
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