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Originally Posted by edwong3 View Post
Well that' good to know that this model may have a future.

As for the "blade strike", I noticed from looking at a photo of the 9053 that there is a relatively small distance between top, and bottom blades, compared to other models.

I remember watching a YouTube video of someone modifying their co-axial heli with an extension shaft to increase the distance between to two sets of blades. This just about eliminated the blade strike issue.

Another tip I picked up while reading some of the comments on the videos about the DH 9053 specifically, is that in order to improve the model's ability to fly in breezier conditions, adding about 2 ounces of weight to the front of the chopper will help. Some did this by taping coins or a piece of hardware like a large nut for example to the inside of the front of the cowl or frame. Have any of you ever done this?

I'm pretty tempted on buying one of these as they can be found pretty inexpensively on the net.

I've read about people adding weight to the nose in order to improve FF in general, and also to provide more movement authority in light winds. I haven't actually tried it myself however. Another poster recommended fitting the flybar from a 9077/9060 which is plastic and reduces bladestrikes, or at least eliminates the ones where the metal bar wraps itself around causing the heli to tumble. Unfortunately that poster has since not returned to this thread...but these are the parts required:


I need a new canopy anyway, so I'll probably pick up these parts as well, and see how it goes.

Thus far I've only experienced the blade strike issue on overly vigorous sweeping turns. Fortunately this heli is remarkably durable, I actually bounced it off the side of my house today (oops) and it took a 15 foot fall onto concrete with no damage, apart from a slightly chipped main blade.
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